Important information about our Tuscany wine tasting tours

Why take a Tuscany wine tour?

An organised wine tour is the most relaxing and efficient way to learn about and experience the wines of Tuscany without any worries about winery appointments and road signs. Your transport is our comfortable minibus, equipped with air-conditioning and a speaker system, so that you can enjoy the expert commentary of your driver-guide while in transit as well as during the wine tastings. Even with your own car, it would be difficult to cover the same ground in the same time, and if you like to drink your wine when tasting and having lunch, it's better that someone else does the driving!

Your guide is a qualified sommelier with years of experience visiting Tuscan wineries. The properties are chosen for each tour on the basis of the quality of the wines, the interesting character of the estate and the knowledge and personality of the winemaker. This latter is important because an essential part of the tour is the input from the winemaker on his wines, how he makes them, the way he grows his grapes and the land he grows them on. In addition, we are known to many properties in Tuscany so that we can provide access more easily that for spontaneous individual visitors.
Wine tasting in Tuscany
Wine tasting in Tuscany

Included in the tour:

• your guide is an English-speaking wine and food expert
• wine tasting at two excellent wineries
two cellar tours
an olive oil tasting
you will receive a map of the Tuscany wine regions
you will receive a booklet about Tuscany and its wine regions
your transport is an air conditioned, 8 person mini-bus
lunch at a local restaurant or at the winery, with special attention to organic ingredients and supporting local producers
a walk through a mediaeval town such as Greve in Chianti or Montefioralle
all local taxes

Shared wine tours

Shared wine tours - often referred to as "semi-private" wine tours - are joinable tours that we offer six days per week for up to 8 persons. The itinerary is different for each day of the week. The price is fixed per person and the tour takes place as long as a minimum of two people sign up. This offers an economical option to those who don't mind sharing a tour with others.

We reserve the right to cancel shared tours with less than two participants. In the unlikely event of a cancellation of a shared wine tour, the participants will be notified 7 days before the tour date and will have the option to receive a full refund or reschedule to a different tour.

Advantages of a small tour group

My tours are for groups of from 2 to 8 people and in my experience this more intimate size of group makes for a much more enjoyable and flexible tour than anything you can expect from a large tour bus, despite the obvious price difference. We are able to visit the smaller and boutique wineries where the wines are quite distinctive, and, similarly, we are able to have our lunch at small trattorias which are always more authentic than the establishments catering to the large buses.

Private wine tours

These tours are for your group only and even when they have an itinerary similar to a shared tour, they include additional activities, usually a visit to an interesting sight such as an abbey or castle, or with the possibility to stroll around a village and do a some shopping. Obviously it is much easier for us to tailor a private tour to your particular interests, and this we always do. The more you tell us beforehand about your interests, the better.
Tuscan wine tour
Wine tasting beneath drying vin santo grapes