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Tuscan Wine Tours Customer Comments

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Derek, November 2006
I was trying to decide whether or not to rent or hire a car and driver when visiting Tuscany, so I asked Fattoria Voltrona, the farm where we were booked, if they had any recommendations. They recommended Angela. I asked Angie for a quote on a price that included a full day in Volterra and San Gimignano, a day in Chianti, and transportation to and from Florence Central Station. To my pleasant surprise, the amount was far lower than renting a car, once you include insurance and expenses. I booked Angela right away. She was on time and pleasant. Her English was great and her sense of humor greater. We four travelers had a lot of fun with Angela as we cruised the countryside. Her knowledge of restaurants, wine and local history was an added bonus to the trip. It was nice to be able to sit and look out the window of the car, enjoying the wonderful views, rather than struggling with maps and street signs. If you are waffling between renting a car or having a car and driver, then go with Angela. You will be glad you did, and your vacation will be much more relaxed.
Llewellyn Lutchansky, October 2006
Three of us (my husband, a friend, and I are all in our late 50s) spent the month of October touring Italy. Two of our most pleasant, relaxing days in the whole trip were with Angela. I don't think there can be too much emphasis on the fact that traveling with a knowledgeable, conscientious guide keeps the focus on the countryside, not the map. The first day we visited the famous Chianti region, enjoying the lovely countryside and stopping along the way for wineries and scenic viewpoints. The second day Angela took us to Siena and Volterra, two beautiful old cities that deserved more time than I set out in our schedule. I would recommend having Angela provide a guided tour of Siena for most of a day, then add another day to tour Volterra and San Gimignano. The excellent Volterra Guarnacci Museum alone merits an hour or two for viewing the amazing collection of Etruscan antiquities. An empty duffle would have been useful to take away a few souvenirs from the fantastic alabaster shops! As with any personalized tour, it helps if you can give your guide a short description of your interests and your depth of knowledge (on wines, for instance) when you set up the tour. If you just want to see the art and cultural highlights, Angela will take you to the best places. But if you've had enough of cathedrals and museums, don't beat a dead horse - call her and let her you want to go shopping! I would highly recommend Angela as a guide for couples, families, groups of young and old alike, and especially for women traveling alone or in groups. She is personable, adaptable, gracious and just delightful! I wish her all the best! And I know anyone who visits Tuscany would enjoy spending a day or two with Angela!
Brad and Jill, September 2006
My wife (Jill) and I took a full day wine tour with Angela just before the 2006 harvest in September. We expected a lot from this tour, and our expectations were far exceeded! Angela is not only extremely friendly and knowledgeable about wine, but she really cares about your own interests. She answered all of my questions (and I had a lot) and she knew what she was talking about. We visited three vineyards on our tour and were able to taste some outstanding wine. We walked through some vineyards and went into a wine cellar as well. We also stopped and visited a few towns in the beautiful area of Tuscany. We got the total package! It was so nice not having to drive or worry about where we were and how to get to the vineyards - Angela did all of this for us. We got to sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Jill and I now drink Chianti Classico any time we can, and we are having a great time with our new knowledge. Angela, this trip wouldn't have been this wonderful without you. Thank you so much for everything! This was one of our favorite experiences we've ever had. Take care! Brad & Jill
Michele Scola August 2006
I attended a workshop in Florence in July and although I loved the city and all that it had to offer, I was ready - after eight days - to get away from the heat and crowds. Sara, the concierge at the Hotel Albion, recommended Angela to myself and two other guests who were interested in getting out to wine country for a view of the country and a taste of some delicious local wines. Angela was the perfect host for this adventure. Knowledgeable and friendly, she put us at ease immediately. We traveled in comfort as she took us to three different wineries in the Chianti region. The countryside was gorgeous and it was so nice to learn about the region from our lovely guide as we traveled. The vineyards were wonderful, the wines - delectable - and the company - so pleasant. We were never rushed. I am an amateur photographer and Angela was terrific about letting me stop whenever I wanted to, as well as pointing out beautiful scenic spots for indulging my hobby. We were offered options, visited a couple of beautiful Medieval villages, stopped for lunch and just thoroughly enjoyed our day. All under the watchful and helpful guidance of our personal Tuscan tour guide. I highly recommend Angela. My day in the country with her was truly one of the highlights of my visit to Italy. Because I split the fee with two other guests from the hotel - I felt that my day in Chianti country was a true bargain. I am looking forward to returning to the region. There is so much to see and do, and I will definitely use Angela again as a guide, perhaps next time for a different tour. All the best~ Michele
Karen and Joe Barnes June 2006
My husband Joe and I were so fortunate to have Angela as our driver during our stay in the Tuscan region. This was our 10 year anniversary Italy trip. We discovered on Day 1, in the first hour driving ourselves, (even with a map), how much time we had lost by not having someone guide us through the Tuscan Region. After arriving to our Bed and Breakfast farmhome in the town of Tavernelle, we asked our host Patrizia, co-owner of the lovely B & B Soviliagno Farm, to take us to Castles and Vineyards (winetasting) for our true "Tuscan Experience". The next day, Angela escorted us to some of the most beautiful, off the beaten path locations. We were able then to allow ourselves to really visit the region as a local, and completely immerse our time by discovering the beauty of flavor(s) and sights,and then Angela herself added her value by offering her caring, charming personality. With this, naturally you and your party truly can appreciate the countryside in front of you. I sincerely say this was the best part of our trip, because we were at home with locals that cared about us as guests, and as family in a way. As a new tourist to the area, you can waste lots of precious time and good energy by driving on your own. Do yourself a favor and have Angela guide you, you will not go wrong! Sincerely speaking, our best time in Italy was at the farmhouse, and with "Angela the Tuscan Driver", who provided us with same feeling as the notorious "Under the Tuscan Sun" adventure ....Reasonably priced with a Value Add that cannot be questioned!!!! Ranking: ***** Five Stars Service. Take care and Caio!
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