Frequently Asked Questions

Is the minibus non-smoking?
Yes. Neither smoking nor eating is allowed inside the van. Smoking is prohibited by law in indoor public areas.

Is the minibus air-conditioned?
Yes. In hot weather the air-conditioning is switched on.

There are only two of us. Will we be sharing a minibus with other people?
If you decide to book a private wine tour with us, you will have your own private minibus and your own private driver/guide. If you book a shared tour, you will usually but not always be joined by others.

If I wish to buy wine, will the wineries accept credit cards?
Some do but it's always a good idea to have some cash on hand. This can be obtained from the ATM machines that are available in most towns. Be sure to notify your credit card company when traveling abroad as they sometimes block cards when charges are made from other countries.

Are you registered and licensed for wine tours?
Yes, Angela, and also any other guide that might accompany your tour, is legally permitted to drive the tour minibus and to act as your wine guide. Angela is also a qualified sommelier.

Do you have the appropriate insurance for a tour?
Yes, the participants in our tours are insured against minibus accidents. You should, however, make your own arrangements for general travel insurance against other kinds of accident, illness, loss of property etc.